Helping Globally

As the world continues to grow smaller, our responsibility to partner with others doing good internationally has never been greater. It’s time to get involved!



Project Chacocente

Project Chacocente is an international Christian organization based in the United States and operating in rural Nicaragua that uses a unique holistic approach to community development. The project relocated families from the city dump of Managua, and works with them as they gain the skills that they need to live independently. Aiming for total transformation, the project works in the areas of housing, health, education, food, agriculture, construction, job training and personal development. In addition, the project includes Chacocente Christian School, a tuition-free, full-day program offering academic standards above the state run schools. For more information, click below to contact organizer Kim Fisher.


Tirzah International

Tirzah International is a global network of change agents helping women build beautiful lives, families, and communities in the face of injustice, partnering with women leaders in their own nations to combat poverty, exclusion from education, modern-day slavery, HIV/AIDS, and violence against women and girls. Valencia United Methodist Church offers opportunities to visit Tirzah partner programs, and provides financial support to Tirzah through the Miracle Offering. For more information, contact Casandra Morgan-Loyer.

We also offer opportunities for those interested in helping locally.