Lay Leadership

Lay Leadership

Vision Team

Co-Lay Leaders: Terry Comp & Mike Barber

Lay Members: Lisa Bashor (SPRC Rep), Jane Bebita, Kim Brosnan, Tracy Hild, Erik Loyer, Melanie Meyer (Stewardship Rep), Nada Quinn, Rigo Rosales (Trustee Rep), Doug Werts, Holly Pilling

Clergy/Staff:  Pastor Steve Peralta, Michelle Andrews, Sherry Klahs

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops and administers a coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies and procedures for the church.  It oversees the financial health, the annual audit, provides financial direction, and communicates the church’s financial condition to church leadership.  Meetings are held quarterly or when necessary.  Current members are chairman Dan McConaughy and members Budd Malchus, Bob Bennett, Barbara Hauge, Gaye McCreary, and clergy/staff members Steve Peralta, Ann Moore and Deb Baur.

Staff Parish Committee

The Staff Parish Committee acts as liaison to staff, clergy and the congregation.  The committee reflects biblically on the role and work of our pastors and staff as they carry out their responsibilities.  This committee also works to ensure that VUMC is a fulfilling place to work.  Meetings are held monthly.  Current committee members are Liz Tarabour (Chairman), Lisa Bashor, Glen Kubasak, Caroline LaMonda, Rex Parker, Colleen Rosales, Dave Osburn, Bev Reeves and Stuart Thompson.

Board of Trustees

This Board is charged with the care and maintenance of church property.  It holds title to property, buildings and equipment.  It is also responsible for managing and receiving property for the church.  Current Trustees are Mark Perez (Chairman), Peter Current, Rebecca Johnston, Barry Pontius, Sarah Romero, Rigo Rosales, Amy Spaulding, Doug Spicher and Catherine Stebbins.

Committee on Lay Leadership

The Committee on Lay Leadership oversees the identification and development of volunteer leadership at VUMC.  The Committee supports the care for the volunteers at VUMC by inviting, connecting, equipping and sustaining volunteers for Christian service.  Meetings are scheduled as required.  Members of the Committee serve in other committees so that they have firsthand experience of the needs of each particular area.  Glen Kubasak serves on the Staff Parish Relations Committee.  Rigo Rosales serves on the Board of Trustees and the Vision team.  Other members are Carla Davidson, Dick Sears, Pete Brosnan, Jodi Osburn, Kim Fisher, an clergy/staff Steve Peralta and Michelle Andrews.


The Stewardship Committee creates a plan for and implements “Stewardship 365,” which includes the annual stewardship campaign as well as other fund-raising efforts as directed by the Finance Committee.  Committee members are Melanie Meyer (Chairman), Lisa Bashor, Tami Phillips, Lowell Kebschull, Pastor Steve Peralta and staff member Deb Baur.